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ClabB Seminar

22/04/2016 | clabb

Manlio de Domenico (Universitat Rovira i Birgili): Mapping multiplex hubs in human functional brain network

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08/04/2016 | clabb

Mobile agents models in physics and beyond: from synchronization to social dynamics  

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CompleNet 2016

23/03/2016 | clabb

7th workshop on complex networks - Workshop March 23-25, 2016

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DPG Spring meeting, Regensburgs, March 6-11.

06/03/2016 | clabb

Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division

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Kolja seminar: Geometric correlations in real multiplex networks

02/03/2016 | clabb

Kolja seminar: Geometric correlations in real multiplex networks

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Seminari Robert Castelo (Functional Genomics Group, UPF)

17/02/2016 | clabb

Title: Insights into the concerted action of genes using graphical Markov models

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Seminar R. M. Gil (Universitat de Lleida)

03/02/2016 | clabb

TITLE: "Ontologies, graphs and sensors"

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Seminar A. Sánchez (U Carlos III Madrid)

01/02/2016 | clabb

TITLE: Human behavior: the interaction governing complex socio-technological systems

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Seminar T. Preis (Warwick Business School)

29/01/2016 | clabb

TITLE: Measuring and predicting human behaviour using online data

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Winter Workshop on Complex Systems 2016

25/01/2016 | clabb

25-29 January 2016, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain - Deadline for applications Nov 13th, 2015

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